My Gym Routine, In Short

Happy Tuesday, everyone! I hope you’re having a wonderful week.

I realized that almost all of my posts so far have been about diet. Now, I’ve come to understand that diet is about 80% of the work. But I also know that physical exercise gives us endorphins, energy, helps us burn calories we eat, and is super important to maintaining weight loss1280px-gym_wiki

I’ve belonged to various gyms in the past, but for the last two years, I have been a member of Anytime Fitness, a 24-hour gym with thousands of locations around the world. When my mom got sick, I wasn’t going to the gym, but following a car accident in October 2014, my physiotherapist had me join Anytime Fitness to help with my recovery. I’ve been pretty “all or nothing” with it for a long time, but after my mom passed away in October, my older brother joined the same gym and we started going together. Now that it’s the new year and I’m not sick anymore, I’m trying to go five to six times per week. Considering my gym is about three minutes from my house, that’s quite doable. I thought I would give you an extremely short overview of my workout split and general gym routine.

Every day, before I go to the gym, I eat a breakfast which includes some complex carbohydrates and protein, for energy and muscle building. I also take a pre-workout supplement (Kaizen Pink Lemonade Pre-Workout) which is great because I’ve recently cut coffee out of my life.

My brother pretty much acts as my personal trainer. He has been going to the gym almost every day for about eight years and has lost sixty pounds of fat and gained who knows how much muscle. We always do the same muscle-group split, but he will change up the exercises sometimes.

Our muscle-group split is sometimes referred to as the “Bro Split” because it is the old school body building split. Over three days, we will work our whole body which ensures each muscle group gets ample rest time in between workouts.

Day 1:

Chest and triceps

Day 2:

Back and biceps

Day 3:

Shoulders and legs

We do abs on days one and three and we do twenty minutes of cardio every day. I’ll do separate posts for each day, but this is a pretty classic split. We use a mixture of free weights, cables, bar bells, TRX, and body weight to do our whole workout. It’s not really a home gym-friendly workout, but there are lots of those online. Depending on the exercise, we’ll usually do three sets of between eight and twelve repetitions. If it’s a big muscle, we’ll also do a drop set.

Do you work out? How do you split up your muscle groups? Comment below.

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